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A working cover and a motto

For years I've resisted the obvious motto for the Spaceport stories as perhaps being just a little too campy. But who am I fooling? Most of the stories begin with an alien walking into a bar. Except book 2. That begins with a bartender falling out of the sky. But it's okay. She survives.

I've decided to just embrace the campiness. It's part of my voice.

Along with the motto, I've also been wrestling with the first cover. Covers are expensive investments, and they matter. The mood has to be just right. While I love starscapes and will definitely have those on some of the future covers, this first one needed to feature the Spaceport in all of its Earthly glory. While these stories are always full of aliens, they center on some very human characters -- whatever planet they may hail from. In the center of this swirl of intergalactic activity is one very human building...that does happen to house a bar among other things.

Here's the working cover:

Spaceport cover

Living in the World of Dreams

green nebulaMy daughter told me about a dream she had the other night. She ended with, "And then I woke up and that made me sad because I really liked that dream."

I told her that this was one of the joys of being a writer -- that if she wanted she could capture that world on paper and then share it with others. I explained that as a writer, I get to live in the world I'm creating for days and days, talking to imaginary people, working out their problems, throwing surprises at them.

And that's why I've been so quiet on my blog and in public of late. I've been working. Writing. Creating.

Living in an imaginary world that I can hardly wait to share with you!

Finished NaNoWriMo 2012

I've managed to finish a draft of "The Spaceport" for NaNo! NaNo Winner Badge

This was an interesting experience. I had to fight through food poisoning, holiday planning, emotional ups and downs...and yet this was one of the most fun projects I've ever taken on. It took me back to my early years as a writer, when I could work with complete abandon. The quality is maybe a little better than it was back then, but not much. The story still needs a lot of editing as several characters changed significantly as the story unfolded. I need to go back and add in all of the layers of interpersonal dynamics and clean up some serious point of view issues, but it is done.

Now I need to return to real life and do things like laundry and cleaning the house.

I'll also be pondering: could I do this on a daily basis? Because this is the pace a professional author needs to maintain in our modern world.

Writing by Statistical Analysis

Graph of Nanowrimo word count

It isn't that I've never tracked my word count before, but I've never looked at the words on a graph like THIS. I find it interesting because in plotting you want significant stages (act 1, act 2, etc.) to fall at predictable places in the story. This graph looks useful. I can see that I'm approaching a point where I should have a major turning point. Hmmm.

Why yes, I am writing this one by the seat of my pants. Fun. I haven't done this in a long time. I have a general idea of the arc of the novel, where it is going, how it will generally end, but all of the fine details, the characters, the threads... this is a blast.

Or insanity.

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